Nicolas Hernandez




company name
Tarif Colissimo

company description
Online education SaaS solution

company market
Companies, Training centers, anyone who needs to teach something

What else ? Well here is a short one (if you enjoy this one, i'll grant you access to my blog, yeaaah). So : I believe modern web marketing and online education are the same thing. Why?

3: Old advertising (like TV, or spammy newsletters) was about making users more stupid. So that it become easier to sell them something.

2: On web pages we test, measure, and improve the way people react to ideas. Like if they would click on a link that says « I want to know more about this » It means they understand, so we quantify that. Really.

1: We developed technologies to keep people interested in things. Those technologies are called Modern Web Marketing. They can be used for your products, your ideas, or teaching economy. Or WHATEVER.

0: But keeping people interested in things is also called «pedagogy». So Online Pedagogy and Web Marketing are 2 different names, for the same technologies.

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